Previously, organizations were spending large amounts of money and effort in establishing hoardings, advertisements, brand ambassadors, print ads, and other forms of traditional advertising to get the word out. All these, of course, were usually included in the running costs of a company. However, with the advent of social media advertising, getting the brand to users has become a much more streamlined process. A basic online marketing plan can be successfully implemented on a small budget, provided that the correct online advertising metrics are followed. 

A social media marketing plan offers benefits like: 

  • Building an individual brand identity and tapping into the target audience using different social media channels 
  • Enhancing the online presence of a brand with minimum investment 
  • Gaining immediate insight into the trends and analytics using specialized tools 
  • Gaining immediate user feedback on shared content 

Different Types of Social Media Advertising 

Facebook Advertising

Implementing the techniques of Facebook advertising is an efficient way to drive visitors to a Facebook page. It also works to increase brand visibility on Facebook in general. Anyone can sign up for Facebook marketing since it is not necessary to have a website/webpage to do so. The cost of an online Facebook ad depends on the duration of the advertisement. 

Facebook also offers a tracker that can be applied on a brand page that helps tap into a user’s social media platforms. For example, if a user clicks on an Instagram ad, they are very likely to see the same ad on their Facebook feed or the websites they browse. This helps increase recall and works like constant advertising. 

Instagram Advertising 

Instagram advertising has shown great potential and revenue generation capability for business promotion. Many B2B and B2C organizations have tapped into Instagram’s algorithm to run successful Instagram ad campaigns. These work well for brands offering products and services, e-commerce stores, personal businesses, and more.
Based on the business requirements, the latest trends can be harnessed to create compelling content that can then be advertised, minding parameters such as budget, competition, and target audience.

LinkedIn Advertising 

LinkedIn Advertising is primarily a B2B online marketing strategy that connects businesses and potential consumers. It runs similarly to a Facebook Ad, though the parameters may differ.

LinkedIn Ads are also run to tap into B2C communications, particularly with nonprofits, universities, and B2C companies. An online marketing platform, LinkedIn can drive a more professional ad campaign as compared to other social media sites. 

Organic Online Growth 

There are different types of ads that can be run across various social media channels. These ads show up in the regular feed of an Instagram user. They can turn up on a Facebook feed, or the Facebook inbox. Snapchat also runs advertisements on the user’s homepage, although these are usually social media influencer ads. The social media advertising landscape is a constantly changing, growing entity. With increasing specialization and targeting, social media advertising tools can be used to create an effective online user experience.