How To Create Landing Page in WordPress

With more than 6 billion internet users and millions of business entrepreneurs all over the world what press has become one of the most potential for creating your website. It has hosted more than millions of people who are willing to create their website without any cost paid. But making this site according to the most trending internet traffic demands, there are a lot of users who still don’t know how to make a landing page on WordPress. In this article we will help you understand how you can make a landing page on WordPress and what exact steps you need to take to help deliver your content.

Landing Page Basics You Need To Know

Many people confuse their website home pages as a landing page. This is because a lot of people don’t have a clear idea of how their landing page should look like. the homepage is the first page that users use when they visit your wordpress website. this page typically contains information about your company or the business including the company name, contact information, relevant images and product page content. then your homepage attracts attention then users may have the time and interest to spend on your landing page. The landing page is designed to generate business leads by capturing visitors information. The format and layout of your landing page depends on the type of business You are in and also the content that you would want in your learning page.

How To Create Landing Page In WordPress?

1. Select A Theme

The first saying that you need to do is to select a theme for your landing page. you need to go to my site and then select the design option from the themes menu in the WordPress dashboard. Right from here you can select various themes that you will want for your landing page.

2. Remove Unnecessary Content

When it comes to designing your landing page then you need to make sure that it should be simple and aesthetic. a landing page if it contains a lot of content then you can remove them from the wordpress dashboard. you need to go to my site and then pages from the site menu. right from there click on the three dots next to any page you don’t need and then drop it in the trash. you can also recover if you have mistakenly dropped any page on the trash menu.

3. Select A Static Homepage

If it comes to designing your landing page then there are two options that you can choose. One is the static home page and the other one is the dynamic home page that will appear in front of your audience. using the three dots next to the page you choose to keep you can select your static home page. this one be as you regular home page instead your customised landing page is where visit Island when they click from your main wordpress website.

4. Customize Your Page Accordingly

WordPress gives you thousand of options when it comes to designing your landing page. you can click on the three dots and then click on edit. right from the editing section you will be able to add texts, contact form or any kind of relevant images with a call to action button.